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Site Characterization

Site Characterization

Site characterization is a process aimed at defining, also via a stepped approach with increasing accuracy level, the Site Conceptual Model of the investigated site, with regards to geology, hydrogeology, contamination, sources, impacted subsoil volumes etc..

The two main phases of the characterization process are:

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (Documents review, Desktop Study, etc.);
  • Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (Soil/Groundwater Investigation, etc.).

Site Characterization Plan (Piano della Caratterizzazione)

According to Legislative Decree n. 152/06, the Site Characterization Plan is a document to be formally submitted to the Authorities for approval, which should contain the following information:

  • Collection and analysis of the available environmental information;
  • Preliminary definition of the Site Conceptual Model;
  • Definition of a Site Investigation Plan.

Following the approval of the Site Characterization Plan, field investigation is carried out under the supervision of local Authorities, in order to validate the results of the assessment.

Our Services

NCE provides high level characterization services, including field and laboratory investigation (also via qualified sub-contractors), preparation of Site Characterization Plans, professional support during the approval phase, etc..

NCE's staff has carried out hundreds of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, which regarded industrial, commercial and residential sites of any size and complexity.

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