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Design And Site Management Of Remediation Works

Design And Site Management Of Remediation Works

Legal Framework

The procedure defined by Legislative Decree n. 152/06, Part 4th, Title V, foresees - after the formal approval of site characterization and remediation goals based on a site specific Risk Assessment - the following possible actions:

  • Remediation, defined as the operations aimed at removing contamination sources and reducing contaminant concentrations in soil and groundwater down to the Risk-based Target Levels (CSR);
  • Safeguard Actions, defined as the operations aimed at segregating the contamination sources from other environmental media, in order to reduce risks for human and environmental receptors down to an acceptable level. The Safeguard Actions can be classified as follows:
    • Permanent Safeguard Actions: in case of final segregation of the contamination sources (i.e. capping, physical barriers, etc.);
    • Operational Safeguard Actions: temporary segregation, in active sites, of the contaminated sources. Once the site is dismantled, Remediation or Permanent Safeguard Actions have to be carried out.

Our services

NCE can provide a fully-comprehensive professional service, including technical design of the remedial/safeguard actions, professional support during the approval phase, preparation of building/as built documents, selection and management of sub-contractors, monitoring and/or sampling activities. Additionaly, NCE’s professionals can coordinate the remediation under the official role of ”works director”.

NCE's staff designed and completed with success several remediation projects for sites with very different characteristics with regards to type of contamination, size and usage.

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