Enviromental Due Diligence

Enviromental due diligence

An Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is the process of inquiring into the environmental characteristics of a property, in order to identify its environmental conditions and define the associated liabilities. As for other due diligence processes (i.e. fiscal, legal, etc.), an EDD is generally performed in connection with a commercial real estate transaction.

Environmental liabilities can potential entail legal sanctions for the buyer and decrease significantly a property value, and must therefore be carefully investigated in the pre-acquisition phase. For instance, the subsoil remediation costs associated to some aged industrial sites investigated by NCE resulted to be even higher than their real estate value.

The Environmental Due Diligence is generally developed through the following phases:

  • Desktop study and Data room review;
  • Site survey and site personnel interview;
  • Field/Lab Investigation.

Our Services

NCE provides high quality EDD services, based on the strong experience developed by its staff during the last ten years. Several multi-site projects were carried out for national and international clients, mostly related to the transaction of commercial portfolios. A major project carried out by NCE regarded the selling process of a chemical industry with a number of sites in Italy, some of them located within the perimeters of the so-called Sites of National Interest.

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